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Luthine Postuma & Yvonne Boerdam
Dutch Vocal Soprano Duo

Luthine Postuma & Yvonne Boerdam

Luthine Postuma is a graduate of the Music Conservatory in Zwolle, The Netherlands,
with a major in vocal training and choir directing. Afterwards she studied with the famous Dutch alto, Aafje Heynis, and continued master classes with Cora Canne-Meyer in Amsterdam and the American singer Isabelle Ganz.
Since 1998 Luthine has attended several of the ICMF festival events, performing as well.
In Holland she is frequently asked to perform for radio, television and CD recordings with several choirs. Since 1996, Luthine formed her own vocal ensemble in her private school of singing: the beautiful and enthusiastic chamber choir “Kavóca”, in which soprano Yvonne Boerdam since 1997 participates. Their repertoire offers: Church music, Lieder, Opera-parts, Musical-parts and Oratorio as well. ICMF 2006 performances will be the third time with her soprano friend Yvonne Boerdam, as a Dutch vocal soprano duo in “Heavenly Duets”.